Patient’s are always encouraged to give feedback on treatment. The following are responses from patients of Centered Health when they were asked to describe their treatments. Patient names are excluded for confidentiality purposes.


Patient being treated for:
Back and Hip Pain

“When I get sick and tired of something, then I’m motivated to try something new that I had not seriously considered before. I had a pain that went from my lower spine, across my butt to the hip and radiated down my leg.

I had been to my wonderful chiropractor, my doctor for x-rays & pain killers and months of physical therapy. All of this helped, but as soon as I stopped the pain came back like an electric shock. I had very little lateral range of motion when I stretched at the gym.

A friend recommended Andrea. My first impression was that she listened and was very supportive. My second memory was that she couldn’t fix broken bones, but could help with pain management. Her initial diagnosis was that my piriformis muscle was very tight and pressing on the sciatic nerve, causing the pain. Her diagnosis was in line with my chiropractor and physical therapist.

After suffering for seven months, the pain was gone in four or five sessions and has not returned in four months. Full range of motion has been restored in daily life and in stretching.

The treatment has been painless and very very relaxing. I continue with treatments to solve other skeletal issues and as a form of meditation and relaxation.”


Patient being treated for:
Anxiety and Stress

“When I lived in NY, Andrea treated me for stress and anxiety. Andrea is very intuitive, caring and knowledgeable. After my first session I felt clear headed and energized and I noticed results each time I saw her. I was very interested in understanding more about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture and she recommended books and websites, and has taught me so much during each treatment. Andrea also recommended herbs to help my treatment as well as teas and certain foods. She is truly all about understanding in treating your entire self and well being.”


Patient being treated for:
Back Pain

“I attended Andrea Henkels’ practice at Centered Health Acupuncture for the first time approximately three months ago after suffering three herniated disks in my back just after Thanksgiving. I refused surgery and medication and experienced limited improvement with Physical Therapy. My injury drastically changed my life by seriously limiting what had been a very active outdoor lifestyle.

Following a thoroughly professional and detailed discussion of my medical history, Andrea outlined the areas where she felt I could benefit from a course of acupuncture and she immediately initiated treatment which was neither painful nor unpleasant. Surprisingly it was just the opposite, resulting in an experience which left me feeling relaxed and almost completely pain-free. The days following each Acupuncture session have resulted in improved levels of energy and mobility, less pain and have enabled me to sleep much better as well. I thank Andrea for her introduction to the world of Acupuncture and I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Her rates are very reasonable and the health benefits from her treatments are priceless.”


Patient being treated for:
Symptoms after bacterial infection

“I had a systemic bacterial infection that antibiotics were not curing. My body was exhausted and that exhaustion was causing depression. Andrea, through acupuncture and a supplement, cured me! I feel balanced, have more energy, and no longer have an infection. In addition, she treats my children and keeps my entire family in good health.”


Patient being treated for:
disorder of the muscles and tendons

“I would absolutely recommend acupuncture to a friend. I was surprised with how comfortable I was during the first visit. I am also shocked at how much better I feel in all areas. I sleep better, have more energy and the original pain has diminished significantly. I have found Andrea’s personality and demeanor to be professional and refreshing! I wouldn’t want it any other way.”


Patient being treated for: 
Fatigue and Worry

I am so glad to have Andrea as my acupuncturist. She is the first acupuncturist that I’ve come across that has everything I am looking for:  skill, knowlege, care, gentleness, proffesionalism, and most importantly ACCURACEY. Being a massage therapist myself and being intune with the body’s energy meridians I know that she knows what she is doing. I feel 100% safe under her care. Not to mention the results where incredible. I went to her for fatigue and worry and she immediatly knew what to work on. As we exchanged information, everything added up and fell into place. She has helped my earth meridan, more specifiacally the spleen meridain to balance out and flow again. I know for a fact that spleen issues run in my family along with all of the side effects of a spleen imbalance. I felt great after the first few sessions, but after the 4th and 5th I can say that I reached the first check point of feeling stabilized. I am now grounded, I feel nourished, I am not worrying nearly as much, and my monthly cycle is back to normal. I cant thank andrea enough, I give her 6 stars out of 5!


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Patient being treated for:
Migraine Headaches

” I was very satisfied with treatment and found it a relaxing, restful, and calming experience.”


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Patient being treated for:
Muscle tension, psychological well being, and gastrointestinal disorders

“Treatment is very relaxing! The needles do not hurt! Very satisfied with treatments. Andrea is such a gift! I am so thankful for all that she does!”


Patient being treated for:
Neck and back Pain, and anxiety

“I cannot believe the difference. I can honestly say that acupuncture has changed my life”